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This Week on Social: Facebook Buys WhatsApp

Published on20 Feb 2014

Facebook has agreed to buy WhatsApp for $19 billion in cash and stock. You have already heard that one today,

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To a Digital Valentine’s Day!

Published on13 Feb 2014

Have you had enough of Valentine’s Day posts already? Do you love or hate the whole Valentine’s hullabaloo? Well, how

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Social Media Status Report 2014

Published on11 Feb 2014

Source: We Are Social As has been the case the last 2 years or so, social media remains the number

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Online Reputation Management and Why You Should Know About It

Published on28 Jan 2014

Have you ever Googled yourself? If you are reading this, you probably have. Did you like what you saw when

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Digital Trends To Watch Out For In 2014

Published on08 Jan 2014

It’s January, and from a personal and business perspective, it’s the month that brings the optimist within us. We are

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5 Benefits of Digital Marketing

Published on10 Nov 2013

With the advent of the Internet, many companies are leveraging on digital marketing to promote and market their products and

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Innovative Approach to Digital Marketing

Published on10 Nov 2013

Digital marketing, despite being regarded as a catchy trend, can become dull and unproductive. It’s easy for businesses to fall

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Digital Solutions that Improve Brand IQ

Published on10 Nov 2013

Since the dawn of the Internet, marketers have regarded it as a vast laboratory, launching experiment after experiment to crack

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Why Your Business Needs a Website

Published on31 Oct 2013

Now more than ever people are going online to search for products and services. For a majority consumers, the buying

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Choosing The Right Marketing Agency For Your Business

Published on29 Oct 2013

There definitely have been a paradigm shift in the marketing scene; the Internet has brought in a new way of

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The State of Social Business Today

Published on21 Oct 2013

A recent global 2013 Q3 report by Altimeter Group indicates that social media is extending deeper into organizations and strategies

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Q&A app: Bringing more Interactivity to Hangouts

Published on11 Oct 2013

Google has added a new app, Q&A, to Hangouts. The new app will allow viewers to ask questions during Hangouts,

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