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Cellulant is a leading technology business in Africa. For a long time the brand was primarily B2B but in 2016/2017 it launched Mula App/Tingg as a utility payment solution for the masses. We were engaged as their performance agency to create the right market traction while delivering high Returns On Ads Spend (ROAS).


We took a data-driven approach with focus on app installs initially and subsequently post-install activity such as transaction, registration etc

Google and Facebook were our primary channels for paid media while Twitter came in for influencers engagement. 


Immediately we started we managed to reduce the CPI (Cost Per Install) tenfold to under $0.50.
Downloads shot up to over 100k+
Post install tracking enabled us to develop cohorts based on user activity and re-market accordingly.
This success has led to launch of undoubtedly the fastest way to buy airtime – Kredo TekeTeke via USSD.

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