MYDAWA is reinventing how we buy our pharmaceutical and non-pharma products. Through the web and app, you can place your search, chat, order and its delivered FREE within 2-4 hours. Our responsibility was to develop the online identity and assets prior to the March 2017 launch. Since then we’ve worked with the client to deliver incremental value in digital media.


We manage the content on social (copy and creative) ensuring it’s thematic and engaging. Partnering with influencers and content creators to tell the story of MYDAWA

A/B testing to improve on the e-commerce elements i.e cart abandonment, bounce rate etc


Above average engagement on our content with or without paid media
Grown traffic on the website to hundreds of thousand every monthly at one of the lowest CPA
Incremental growth in orders and registered users
MYDAWA is today a well-recognized brands amongst our target consumers
As a venture backed business, it recently raised over $3m to expand

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