Wabeh Brand Development

In Early 2022, we set out to build a new BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) product for the African market dubbed “Wabeh“. Since this was a new product, it meant we would immerse ourselves deep into coming up with a unique brand name, developing the logo, go to market strategy  and eventually accompanying the same with its collaterals.

We positioned Wabeh to aim at transforming lives through greater access to credit and financial inclusion. The brand  aims at offering services that will have a lasting social impact on their customers, merchants and communities.

The client sought to fill a consumer gap that exists in the current ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ market; where consumers are dissatisfied with the level of service, the relationships therein and the consequences encountered.

The Ambition

Wabeh sought to fill a consumer gap that exists in the current ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ market; where consumers are dissatisfied with the level of service, the relationships therein and the consequences encountered.

The Approach

For the next nine months, we had to really put our heads together as a team and come up with a brand that’s not only African but one that people across the entire region can resonate with.

This was a pretty unique challenge for the team given the fact that we had to see this brand from its inception to its maturity and become a brand that is known to people and a brand people can interact with.

This also dictated a thorough research process against the competition to also help in identifying the loopholes and where the brand can capitalize on as well.

Brand Creation

Given the insights and data the team had collected through research, it was now time to come up with names that would go well with the kind of business the BNPL was going to do.

We proposed a name that was unique to the brands place of origin, a name that was catchy and most importantly memorable to the people. 

To that effect, Wabeh was born.

A name so Kenyan but still catchy and functional across different parts of the continent, and with that, we hit the mark!

Brand Personality

Wabeh sought to delight its customers with great services and experiences, and open and cordial relationships that it lives them with a deep sense of satisfaction. Wabeh is a social enterprise, nicely intertwined with happiness; taking delight in satisfying our peoples’ needs.

Fun, Inspirational, Trustworthy, and Innovative.

Wabeh Typography

For digital, web, and print assets, we proposed Montserrat as the main typography to be used.

Secondary Typography

  • Helvetica:   This will be the main font for corporate documents like the letterhead, financial documents, contracts, business reports, company policy, and business pitch decks
  • Optima: This will be the main font for word documents and PowerPoint presentations

Wabeh Iconography

The team proposed an iconography that was very minimal but still had the capabilities of working like they are supposed to. These icons are adaptable enough to facilitate a touch of the primary brand colours.

Wabeh Brand Colours

After a thorough research and consultations within the team and beyond, the team proposed three colours to be used on the brand given their attributes, functionality and emotiveness

The Rollout

Our rollout items needed to show the use of the full three colours proposed.

Creative Collaboration

In the initial stages of ideation and conceptualization we teamed up with the capable team at BDDL who helped the team narrow down the target audience by carrying out numerous test on the field which will later on inform how our creative approach would be like and even what the preferred name out of the ones we had proposed would be.


Wabeh launched in October in an event where relevant stakeholders and partners were invited. It was the first time most of them were seeing the brand for the very first time since the commencement of its creation

In Conclusion

After busy months of tirelessly working on the Wabeh brand the client was at the end satisfied with the output and the agency handed over the required brand assets.

The team did a remarkable job in seeing each and every deliverable was delivered to the client’s satisfaction.

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