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Google’s Campaign Manager simplifies planning, trafficking, targeting, serving, optimization and reporting across both web and mobile providing an omni-channel view. Want to learn more about the true value of marketing campaigns? Then Google’s Campaign Manager might just be for you.

Track Anything

With Campaign Manager you can track affiliates, social, email, display, PPC, video and referral traffic to see the full journey from first interaction to conversion. If desired, organic traffic can also be included in data attribution.

Ad serving

Campaign Manager is a highly intelligent ad serving platform as it reliably traffics and tracks ads and provides advanced ad-serving options. Advertisers can use features such as ad creation and scheduling, A/B testing, creative sequencing and advanced targeting using variables such as geography, technology and time of day.

Flexible reporting

All channel interactions and conversions can be analysed in one clear view using Campaign Manager reporting and attribution and can be as basic or as complicated as required. There is also a custom attribution feature to credit channels uniquely depending on what the advertiser values.


Campaign Manager plugs seamlessly into Display & Video 360 (a platform to run display campaigns), Google Analytics 360, GTM (Google Tag Manager) and other Google products. This has a world of benefits, for example using the full-stack means advertisers can count all conversions in the same way – no discrepancy issues.

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