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A Data Management Platform (DMP) allows you to unify your data, understand your consumer insights and orchestrate better consumer journey. With a DMP you can aggregate data from various sources – both online and offline – and derive valuable insights.

Benefits of a DMP

Data & Audience Building

Collect all your 1st party data across the business, including digital, mobile and offline CRM, Access to 3rd party data from hundreds of data providers e.g purchase power/intent, sports, expats, travelers etc and a single access point for all audience building to improve efficiency

Integrations to DSPs, SSPs and more

You can export data from the DMP to DSPs, SSPs, ad servers, ad verification platforms, measurement tools, and lots more to ensure the data you collect doesn’t just sit in the DMP.

Insights that drive impact

A 360° view of audiences created within the DMP, understanding demographic, interest and purchase intent, Turn data into actionable insights in order to inform marketing and communication strategy

Campaign tracking

A central and agnostic system for holistic campaign tracking and impact assessment, Understand global audience performance across channels, platforms, and devices, Action insights reporting mid-flight to optimize campaign targeting

Why should you implement a Data Management Platform (DMP)?


Lower Cost Per Result due to audience personalization and richer targeting i.e Programmatic Guaranteed, Preferred Deals, Private Marketplace Buys and more.

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Greater control over brand safety and viewability thus efficiencies of ad spend.


Discover insights that will shape your marketing and innovate to address consumer needs.

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