What’s Up on Google+?

Google+ is alive and well (despite what you have heard) but several things have changed. We still love it, all the same!

Google Authorship

For starters, Google Authorship is gone. Sigh. It was an experiment that didn’t work out, according to Googler John Mueller. He wrote:

(If you’re curious — in our tests, removing authorship generally does not seem to reduce traffic to sites. Nor does it increase clicks on ads. We make these kinds of changes to improve our users’ experience.)

Don’t fret though. Google+ posts continue to show up on search if they are relevant to the query when private results is on.

Google+ and Gmail

If you have followed the Google+ news, you have heard that you can now open a Gmail account and keep out of Google+ without the usual ‘force’ that comes with it. I have other Gmail accounts that are not attached to Google+ in any way. I know you do too. Therefore, I have no idea why the media decided to go with the whole story that you needed a mandatory Google+ account. Just the experience of signing up changed.

Google+ Wants to Know How You Feel

And Google+ is now running surveys. I saw this on my Google+ app a day ago. As you scroll down, you get the form below, complete with smileys. After you pick how you feel, you get the response on the right. You can also change your answer or dismiss the survey.


I know you know what my answer was. 😉

All the same, never has Google+ been more lively. It’s still churning out awesome stories and getting us connected to people with similar interest and so we can be sure nothing much is up except the usual media hype.

What do you think? Actually, how satisfied are you with Google+?


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