Weekly Wrap-up: The World Cup on Digital

Your weekly wrap is back after the World Cup. I guess we all got a bit distracted. 😉 And here is how it was during that World Cup month on social media and the digital space in general. Crunching the mind-blowing numbers from Twitter to Google to Facebook.

World Cup on Twitter

There were 672 million Tweets sent related to the 2014 #WorldCup.

“Whether the crowd was reacting to a big goal, predicting the outcome of the next match, or discussing the latest injury or controversy, fans came to Twitter to discuss the games 672 million times.”

Fans shared the most during the Brazil vs Germany semi-final match. Understandable. Brazil’s Neymar was the most mentioned player in the World Cup, followed by Argentina’s Lionel Messi. Uruguay’s Luis Suárez made it to the third position and we all know why; the infamous bite that led to an outpouring of memes on the Internet.

Read more on this from Twitter’s blog.

World Cup on Facebook

Over 300 million Facebookers generated over 2 billion interactions (posts, comments, likes) related to the World Cup. What’s interesting is the fact that Facebook’s data editors had never measured an event that had topped a billion interactions before this.

As expected, posts by players in the World Cup drove a lot of engagement. Facebook player posts with the most likes included Neymar, David Luiz, Leo Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Bastian Schweinsteiger. Eleven player posts had more than a million likes by the time Facebook released the data here. And then there was the fan migration in different stages below. Read more on the Facebook phenomenon on the link above.

World Cup on Google

There were more than 2.1 billion World Cup related searches on Google. Just like on the other websites, the 2014 World Cup was the most searched global event Google has ever seen. And of course, the most searched match memes list was topped by Suarez yet again. For more figures and trends, read Google’s blog post.


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