Tea for Two – A Valentine’s Campaign Case Study

Published on27 Sep 2022

When love is in the air, everybody breathes a little better. But they also say that love is just a

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Google postpones retiring third party cookies: How should marketers be preparing for this eventual apocalypse?

Published on31 Aug 2022

Google has postponed the death of third-party cookies from 2023 to 2024. As the dates shift, it’s still important to

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Stop Shooting in the Dark–Gather Insights of your Website Visitors with Google Analytics

Published on07 Jul 2022

Drive traffic to your website, customers get to know you. Analyze your web traffic, you start to know your customers.

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Digital Insights In Africa In 2022: A sneak peek

Published on08 Apr 2022

I remember back in campus when we were pursuing Statistics, we had this cool quote that we loved making at

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6 Things We Learnt From A Survey Conducted On Ugandan Marketers

Published on15 Mar 2022

If there is one thing that the Covid 19 pandemic has taught us, it is that the present and the

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Digital Marketing Trends for 2022: What will Shape Digital Marketing in 2022

Published on14 Feb 2022

As the new year begins to settle, it’s right to start aligning your marketing efforts with the current digital marketing

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Tea for Men – A Movember Case Study

Published on01 Feb 2022

The Opportunity November is popularly known as NO-SHAVE NOVEMBER or even MOVEMBER. The idea is usually to raise prostate cancer

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As the curve flattens, it’s time to think about growth

Published on01 Sep 2020

“Are we going back to old normal or new normal will persist? It takes an average of 66 days for

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Introducing AXIS: A Unified Customer Experience Platform

Published on10 Aug 2020

Did you know that 83% of users contact a business to find out more about their products or services before

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WEBINAR HIGHLIGHTS: Leading Teams In A Virtual Workplace

Published on08 Jun 2020

Working from home is our new normal now. And it could be a first for you as a manager, where

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WEBINAR HIGHLIGHTS: Creating Interactive Social Experiences With Blue Robot

Published on26 May 2020

*Adjusts mic And we meet again in our fourth webinar! This one was a conversation that was insightful and informative.

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WEBINAR HIGHLIGHTS: Copywriting During a Crisis: The Do’s and Don’ts

Published on13 May 2020

Last time I began by talking about success. The success of the second webinar. In the third webinar, we did

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