Belva Digital Bags an Award for Innovative Kenchic AI Bot at the 2023 Digital Media Awards

In a resounding triumph at the recently held Digital Media Awards 2023 event, Belva Digital clinched the coveted bronze prize for the “Best Use of Innovative Technology.” 

The accolade was bestowed upon the agency for its groundbreaking AI bot developed for Kenchic, the Kenyan-based poultry farm giant. The AI Whatsapp bot, aptly named “Kenchic Day-old chicks virtual assistant,” has not only redefined the farmer experience but also propelled us to the forefront of technological innovation in the agricultural sector.

Revolutionizing the Farmer Experience

Departing from traditional practices, Kenchic embarked on a transformative journey in collaboration with Belva Digital. The objective was clear: not merely to facilitate transactions but to revolutionize how farmers interact with Kenchic’s services. The result was an AI-driven solution that seamlessly integrated with WhatsApp, the preferred platform of Kenyan farmers, reshaping the landscape of ordering farm feeds and chicks.

Strategic Vision and Technical Execution

Our strategic vision in leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to create a seamless and knowledge-sharing experience on WhatsApp is nothing short of visionary. The technical execution, from the integration with WhatsApp to the implementation of an analytics dashboard, showcased a commitment to user-friendly design and data-driven improvement.

The Kenchic Day-old chicks virtual assistant boasted a dynamic menu management system, featuring an extensive array of 80 items that adapted to the evolving needs of farmers. This bespoke approach ensured accessibility and ease of use for the farming community, marking a strategic departure from conventional strategies that often overlook this crucial market segment.

Impressive Results and Lasting Impact

The success of the AI bot is evident in the staggering statistics that followed its implementation. With over 250 daily users engaging in more than 4,000 messages, the virtual assistant surpassed expectations. The personalized assistance provided by a dedicated team of more than 30 agents, coupled with a 30% increase in farm feed and chick orders, attests to the transformative impact on Kenchic’s operations.

Moreover, the initiative fostered increased farmer engagement on best farming practices, resulting in long-term brand loyalty. This achievement stands as a testament to the agency’s commitment not only to embrace technology but to strategically wield it, leaving an indelible mark on the farming community served by Kenchic.


Our triumph at the Digital Media Awards underscores the agency’s prowess in harnessing innovative technology to bring about positive change in traditional industries. The Kenchic Day-old chicks virtual assistant is a shining example of how strategic implementation of AI and automated bots can transcend transactional boundaries, leaving a lasting impact on both business operations and the communities they serve. This award is not just a recognition of past accomplishments but a herald of the promising future that Belva Digital is paving in the realm of technological innovation.



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