Tea for Two – A Valentine’s Day Campaign Case Study

When love is in the air, everybody breathes a little better. But they also say that love is just a long conversation between two people working to become one. So we thought, for Valentine’s Day 2022, why not set a table for two and have a jab at these conversations? A special version of pillow talk, courtesy of Ketepa Limited.

Our goal as Belva Digital, the marketing agency handling Ketepa’s digital communications, has been to structure and deliver the online brand image of Ketepa as a Host of Conversations – especially on the grounds of tea being the most common item on the table in Kenyan households when conversations are held.

So, we identified three sets of couples from three different generations. This is in line with Ketepa’s wide range of teas that fall under 1. Heritage 2. Ketepa Pride and 3. Safari Pure tea

We then listed several pillow talk questions for the lovers to ask each other face to face over freshly brewed Ketepa tea. The conversations were more stimulating than we had anticipated and the 3 videos produced from the conversations gained so much viewership and engagement on social media. 

We distributed the content in partnership with the entertainment and production company Pulse, and the results were astounding.

Once again, love wins the day and Belva Digital took a step further in the goal of delivering the Ketepa brand as a Host of Conversations.

The team:

Art Director: Hanafi Kaka

Content managers: Aisha Mbarak, Rukia Salim, Anthony Mbugua

Business Unit Head: Pauline Muita 

Production Unit: Pulse

Hanafi Kaka

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