Jubilee Insurance “Size Yako” Campaign Recognized at the MSK Awards

Client: Jubilee Insurance (Health Division)
Campaign period: February – October 2022
Challenge/ Background: Health Insurance is unaffordable to most SMEs

Research suggests that micro businesses and SMEs account for 95% of firms in most countries, create jobs, contribute to GDP, aid industrial development, satisfy local demand for services, innovate and support large firms with inputs and services. However, most SMEs believe that health insurance is too expensive, that they cannot afford it, and especially for SMEs with as little as 3 employees. Likewise, members of chamas do not even consider asking about health insurance, in the misplaced fear that it is way beyond their reach.

Yet medical cover is essential for the owners of SMEs and their employees, who need to remain healthy to stay productive. Sick employees may be absent from work for several days or perform sub-optimally because they report to work while nursing illnesses.

Solution: A Revamped Umbrella SME Cover

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and even chamas (informal investment or welfare groups) need not agonize over health insurance anymore as Jubilee Health Insurance Limited has revamped and refreshed its health solution- J Biz, a comprehensive and affordable medical insurance product designed for SMEs with a minimum membership of three employees and a maximum of 50. This health solution is an Umbrella SME Cover that provides life coverage. Thus, SMEs can cater to smaller groups with better benefits and at an affordable price.

Campaign objectives:

To create awareness, curiosity and interest of the newly revamped product – JBiz
To increase lead volume and quality through data-driven optimizations
To further solidify/cement Jubilee Health’s brand positioning as the number 1 health insurer

Tactics employed:
1. Thematic communications on social

We used “Size Yako” as the main thematic pre-teaser communication big idea to spark curiosity, interest and create talkability. “Size Yako” is a swanglish word meaning, ‘Your Size’. To further solidify this message,  we used clever and witty imagery that played around how one size does not fit all and how size matters.

2. Promoting small businesses and SMEs on our pages

In line with supporting small businesses, we helped promote small businesses by highlighting them on our pages in a weekly segment called, “BIZ HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK” as a content pillar. This helped to create awareness for the small businesses without a strong social media presence and in turn helped us tap into their audiences, consequently creating a strong engaging community relevant to the product’s Target Audience.

3. Digital PR

We reached our audience through the relevant online publications they are interested in which helped to create top of mind awareness and consideration.

4. A comprehensive paid media campaign

To generate quality and relevant leads, we defined a professional and B2B target audience and focused on In-Market and Topics targeting across the Google Networks (Search, Display & YouTube).

Use of High-Intent based lead generation forms to drive more quality lead generation on the FB network.

Creation & use of Look-alike Audiences from other Jubilee product audiences as well as Remarketing to drive. conversions.

LinkedIn Sponsored & In-mail Ads helped us in reaching companies, B2B audiences and key decision makers.

The team:
Business Unit Head: Fridah Makenzi
Art Director: Hanafi Kaka
Account Manager: George Kanyagia
Creative Designer: Nehemiah Njoroge
Copywriters: Anthony Mbugua, Aisha Mbarak

Hanafi Kaka

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