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Kenchic, a leading provider of poultry products and services, recognized the need to interact with farmers on a personal level to showcase the value of their offerings. By implementing a WhatsApp chatbot with FAQs, ordering capabilities, and live chat with agents through a unified inbox, Kenchic aimed to bridge the gap between their brand promise and farmers’ perceptions, improve trust, overcome negative sentiments, and drive traffic to their social media platforms.



Kenchic identified several key opportunities in adopting a WhatsApp chatbot and Unified Inbox solution:

Personalized Interactions: The chatbot provided an avenue for Kenchic to interact with farmers on a personal level, offering tailored guidance and showcasing the value of their products and services for farmers’ specific needs.

Addressing Negative Sentiments: Through live chat with agents, Kenchic had the opportunity to address any negative sentiments or misconceptions among farmers, helping to rebuild trust and demonstrate their commitment to fulfilling their brand promise.

Streamlined Ordering Process: By integrating ordering capabilities within the chatbot, Kenchic aimed to streamline the process for farmers to request and purchase chicks directly through WhatsApp, enhancing convenience and customer satisfaction.

Driving Social Media Engagement: Through the chatbot, Kenchic sought to drive traffic to their social media sites, creating an online community and fostering engagement with their target audience, thereby strengthening brand loyalty.


The implementation process involved setting up dedicated WhatsApp business accounts, configuring the system to handle multiple chats simultaneously, and training the customer support team on the new workflow.

To achieve their goals, Kenchic implemented a WhatsApp chatbot with FAQs, ordering functionality, and live chat capabilities through a unified inbox:

WhatsApp Chatbot: Kenchic developed a chatbot that provided farmers with quick access to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers, offering information about Kenchic’s products, services, and best practices in poultry farming.

Order Chicks: The chatbot seamlessly integrated an ordering system, enabling farmers to conveniently request and purchase chicks directly within the WhatsApp platform, simplifying the ordering process and improving overall efficiency.

Live Chat with Agents: The unified inbox incorporated a live chat feature, allowing farmers to connect with Kenchic’s knowledgeable agents in real-time for personalized assistance, addressing complex inquiries, and providing expert guidance.



The implementation of the WhatsApp chatbot with FAQs, ordering capabilities, and live chat through a unified inbox resulted in several positive outcomes for Kenchic:

Improved Customer Engagement: Farmers experienced a higher level of engagement with Kenchic through personalized interactions and prompt responses from live chat agents. This led to increased satisfaction and a sense of being valued, fostering stronger customer relationships.

Enhanced Trust and Brand Perception: Through proactive communication and addressing negative sentiments, Kenchic successfully bridged the gap between their brand promise and farmers’ perceptions. Farmers developed a greater trust in Kenchic’s expertise, quality, and commitment to their success.

Streamlined Operations and Efficiency: The automation of FAQs and the integration of ordering capabilities reduced the workload on Kenchic’s customer support team, enabling them to focus on addressing complex inquiries and providing personalized assistance, resulting in improved operational efficiency.

Increased Social Media Engagement: The chatbot’s ability to direct farmers to Kenchic’s social media platforms successfully drove traffic and engagement. This created an online community where farmers could connect, share experiences, access additional resources, and further strengthen their relationship with the audience.

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