What’s Social Media and Social Media Marketing?

Social Media is a means of communication that allows users to create, share and exchange information within their virtual communities on various social platform. Such platforms include mundane networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube.

Social media marketing, on the other hand, refers to the process of leverage on these social platforms to gain traffic or attention to achieve particular individual/business/organizational goals.

Social media in itself is an inclusive term. There are a bunch of social networks out there, all serving different purposes. For instance, Facebook is known for connecting and sharing with families, friends and generally, people in your life; Twitter for almost instant and powerful information dissemination; Google+ for amplifying your influence amongst your communities and circles of influence and LinkedIn for networking with your fellow professionals.

Social media has in its, roughly, 8 years of existence, evolved from just channels for posting pictures of drunk friends to powerful business tools. With Facebook commanding over 1 billion users, and Google+ and Twitter contributing almost another billion, it has led to a mentality shift. Who wouldn’t want to reach out to such an immense audience?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) can help a small media enterprise reach to a particular set of customers and prospects and even compete on a level ground with already established businesses. SMM if well optimized, has proven to be a powerful tool for customer service, product and service marketing, PR and branding.

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