WEBINAR HIGHLIGHTS: Creating Interactive Social Experiences With Blue Robot

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And we meet again in our fourth webinar! This one was a conversation that was insightful and informative. A “do or die”  kind of conversation for today’s brands. 

Do or die? Read on! 

“Blue Robot is not Twitter” 

What is Blue Robot? Probably this is one question you’d ask yourself. I did. Well, we had the honor to have Stellamaris Thuku – Senior Account Manager at Blue Robot – who has had six years of experience working in advertising: copywriting and digital management. She broke it down extensively. Oh yes, she did! 

Blue Robot is not Twitter. It is a conversational technology platform that helps brands and businesses build dialogue at scale. They work with other platforms other than Twitter, like, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, SMS, Website (in-app), Spotify and Pinterest. 

Fred Kithinzi — our Chief — was the webinar’s host. And Joanne Talma — our Digital Media Lead — was the moderator. 

Heard of Chatbots? Learn more about them among other experiences below: 

Note this down. Will you?

Brand Engagement & Entertainment


Watch the whole webinar here: 

Before the curtain falls

Chatbots are the new apps. They are not a threat, they are an opportunity. A great opportunity. 

Blue Robot can help you build chatbots and experiences across a number of social media platforms. To take you from just using chatbots for customer service and support to lead generation, sign-ups and drive connections. To entertain and delight your audience.

The creativity you can achieve with chatbots, the playing field is endless. Infinite. 

Thank you for being part of this quarantine webinar. See you in two weeks! 😁

*Curtain falls 

James Ng'ang'a

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