WEBINAR HIGHLIGHTS: Copywriting During a Crisis: The Do’s and Don’ts

Last time I began by talking about success. The success of the second webinar. In the third webinar, we did not just talk about success. We manifested success! 

Faceless People

The thing about webinars is you could be talking to robots and you will never know. It’s a faceless gathering, mostly. But at least the chats and questions keep the conversation going. And it did in this session with Jackson Biko (Bikozulu) – a prolific writer for dog years, 10 years professionally, and Doug Odhiambo (KobeWriter) – Advertising Copywriter for about 10 years, now Brand and Digital Content Director, Inua Entertainment. Fred Kithinzi – our Chief – was the moderator.

At exactly 92 participants, the insightful (and not one time boring) conversation began.

Below are the highlights from the webinar:

Take this with you. And apply it.

FROM: An Era of Self

TO: An Era of Shared Humanity

Community & Connectedness 

Purpose & Shared Community

Hope & Encouragement

Curious? Watch the whole webinar 

Before the mic drops…

Dear copywriter,   … No. 

Dear storyteller of brands, 

A brand is a person. You’ve got to be part of the community efforts. If the community is feeling pain, you also feel the pain. If the community is happy, you’re happy. The way you speak as a brand, you cannot, I repeat, you cannot speak at people. You speak with people. We are now in an era of shared community not an era of self. 

Before the webinar came to a close, each of the guest hosts gave a parting shot. Biko went first and he said, “People ask me, “what is the secret of writing well?” Writing. Writer’s write. Farmer’s farm. Musicians sing. If you want to write well, you have to read more than you write and you have to live. From it’s from life, that informs writing.” Then Doug took it home by saying, “The power of simplicity. Minimalism. Less is more. Do not show off the words.”

As a writer, do not be the hero. Make the product the hero.

Faceless person, see you in the next one! 👌

*Drops mic 🎤

James Ng'ang'a

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