WEBINAR HIGHLIGHTS: Leading Teams In A Virtual Workplace

Working from home is our new normal now. And it could be a first for you as a manager, where you are handling your entire team virtually. So how is it? Are you struggling or have you got this?

This was a conversation, I must say, that was worth having in this week’s webinar. A saving grace kind of conversation.

And the ship sailed

Our colleagues, people that we could see each other face to face and have conversations with, have now become faceless people on most days. And it can be overwhelming.

Well, Desmond Odhiambo – Partner Kieti Advocates, LLP – went all out on this. He extensively gave his Legal and Leadership perspective in this week’s webinar theme. I would call it a guide for you as a manager on how to lead your team during this time.

Below are the webinar highlights.

Great insights and tips here

Facing any challenges with your team virtually?

How to have a successful virtual team

Watch the whole webinar here

Before the ship docks

These present times have changed our mindset. Before all this, we thought we could only work with people – our teammates, clients, and partners – face to face. But look at us now. Now that we’re working from home, we can collaborate with our teams, clients, and partners not just here but even globally!

As a team leader, this is the time to invest in communication tools. To ease communication between your team members. So that at the end of the day, no one is losing out on anything and things still continue running smoothly. 

Now since you cannot observe your team unlike before, you know where you are not sure whether they are still working or they are having the time of their lives, it would really be good if you set clear objectives from time to time. At least even if they are working from home, they know they still have deliverables to meet at the end of the day. 

Fred, our Chief, talked of us using Slack, a communication tool, where every manager writes down a to-do list for their teams every day. And so far so good, it’s working. Something you could borrow perhaps?

As a team leader, be intentional. Allow your teammates the freedom to choose what works best for them. They are in a better position to know that. Also, praise your team members from time to time. It could be financial or not, your choice. I tell you it will uplift their spirits.

At the end of the day, it takes leadership and legal compliance to have a successful virtual team. 

I know we are busy people so thank you for making time for this one. Cheers to a successful virtual team! 🥂 

James Ng'ang'a

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