Belva Digital Wins Digital Marketing Award

We won an award – Best Influencer Marketing Award at the Digital Marketing Awards 2018! Which makes it a perfect time to resuscitate this blog. We took a break, primarily because we took customer centricity too far and forgot to look a little inward.

This piece is to celebrate two things;

Firstly, it takes 2 to tango and 26 to win an award

Over the 5 years, we’ve worked tirelessly to develop a team with shared goals and vision. It’s difficult and challenging, but this is an important catalyst to achieving success. The award-winning team was led by Yvonne Ndirangu, who over the last 2 years has risen from a Community Manager to Head of Strategy, and the Strategy Lead for the L’Oreal account. Yvonne is, of course, supported by a highly dedicated team of Creatives, Media Buyers, Geeks, Content Managers as well as the team from Ops and Admin. Our total team size currently stands at 26.


Belva team image

Secondly, there’s greatness in having shared goals with your client-partner

Winning the L’oreal account was a tipping point for us. It was a global brand putting a lot of trust in a local emerging agency. We literally grabbed the bull by the horns and we’ve consistently delivered great results for the business. Our first campaign was Dark & Lovely Au Naturale launch which emerged as the Best Influencer Marketing Campaign. We were up against Zilojo’s EABL campaign and Mutuku Media’s Jane Mukami’s campaign. Formidable competition there.


Lastly, we are very grateful to Go Gaga Experiential and Social Media Week Nairobi for organizing such a beautiful event, and the judges for seeing our work worthy of an award. Thank you!


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