Ever wanted to start blogging? What stopped you from actualizing your idea? Did you think your idea, was not IT?

Well, for starters, you can blog about literally anything on the face of this earth. You don’t even have to be an epic writer to do so. As you write, you sharpen your writing. Moreover, a blog can be made of pics or videos or commentary on other articles out there.

Is it your cat you love so much? Write about its exploits, complete with cat pics. I can assure you people love cat pics (probably not as much as I do but trust me on that one.) It does not have to be your cat. It could be your dog or your phone.

Travel a lot? Why not blog about it? Express yourself.

Love photography? Where is your blog? Promote your skills.

Cooking maestro? We should get those recipes somewhere bana! Spread the know-how.

Think you can beat Wikipedia in disseminating information in a particular area? Anza blog. Establish your expertise online.


By the way, don’t let anyone tell you blogging is a girlish trade. Think all those manly dudes running super cool techie blogs. Defend your gadget loyalty like there is no tomorrow. In fact, there is a super cool Kenyan man who runs a fashion blog. Ask around.

I mean, look at people who write entire posts on how much they hate mukimo. Or how they want a man they can only dream of. I am not saying you should start a blog to pass hate around. On the contrary, I am telling you that a blog is not the preserve of a select few. Actually, if you are so pissed off by such people, start one where you do the complete opposite, like Nation FM dissing Classic FM in the subtle way they do. You know what I am saying?

And no, blogging is not about being a humble brag. You never know who you are helping when you share your experiences.

There is something really cool about having a blog where you unwind. I would know. You may not even be about making money. You just want your space in this Internet. A space not owned by Facebook or Google. A place you can call home.

If you do want to make money, then you definitely want to establish your space first. You want the best design that will actually convert. People have made money from blogs through sheer determination and identifying niches. Think Ghafla!Kenya, Techmoran, This Is Ess, bikozulu and so on.

We can help you own one, complete with support, where you do not have to worry about the technical details. We won’t even charge you much. Think of it as a Christmas gift from us to you. Hit us up.

Fred Kithinzi

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