Ever wanted to start blogging? What stopped you from actualizing your idea? Did you think your idea was not IT?

Well, for starters, you can blog about literally anything on the face of this earth. You don’t even have to … continue reading

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12 Invaluable Blogging Tools

You want to write a blog post. The first tool you obviously think of is your word processor or your blog dashboard, right? If you think about it though, blogging begins way before the actual put-pen-to-paper process. It also goes … continue reading

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What’s Up on Google+?

Google+ is alive and well (despite what you have heard) but several things have changed. We still love it, all the same!

Google Authorship

For starters, Google Authorship is gone. Sigh. It was an experiment that didn’t work out, according … continue reading

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Google+ Updates

Here is what went down on Google+ in the month of July. More to come in coming weeks with rumours of the social network separating its Photos app from the service. Here is what you may have missed.

You can

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Weekly Wrap-up: Google I/O

This week was all about the Google I/O and we will not go against that tide. Here are the week’s highlights:

One Billion Android Users: Design, Develop, Distribute

This is Google I/O is a nutshell. There are one billion people … continue reading

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