Weekly Wrap-up: April Fools’ Day Pranks, Generation C and Online Advertising

It was the first week of April, and more importantly a chance for companies to show us their best April Fools’ Day pranks yet. As always, Google led the pack with Google+ introducing April Fools’ Auto Awesome photobombs with David Hasselhoff. Of course Google had more than this prank to make the day complete. You can find a complete list over at The Next Web. LinkedIn was not left behind with Cats You May Know. Twitter went the wearable route to announce the “Twitter Helmet™” which would let “the wearer tweet through a simple “pecking” head motion”.

“Cats dominate the web, and as one of the largest online social media platforms, we identified a need to connect our members to the feline community, and vice versa, to fulfill a gap in our current product. LinkedIn’s revolutionary new Cats You May Know recommends new potential cat contacts — and allows you to connect with the cats you already know,” read the LinkedIn blog post.

Who would fall for all these pranks? Lol.

Eat24 Facebook Breakup

Meanwhile, a blog post by Eat24 went viral as it announced its breakup with Facebook. Eat24 is a web-based food and delivery service that partners with local restaurants in US cities. This is a protest to Facebook’s frequent changes in algorithm that push for more promotions to get page content seen by fans. Well, seems like the Facebook algorithm changes will continue to spur debate and protests for days to come. Eat24 did actually leave Facebook.

Generation C Annoyed by Online Advertising

The advertising space has undergone a lot of changes over the last decade with the advent of the Internet. It has now been found that Generation C (the C stands for Content) is not connecting with traditional advertising and it considers digital promotions an annoyance. Members of this group consider themselves digital natives. They are always connected; at home, on the go, at the bus stop, at work…you know it because you are probably one of them.

A study by infoMENTUM points out that 30 per cent of Generation C folk are highly frustrated with online advertising. A further 83.5% of the respondents listed internet advertising techniques such as pop ups and auto-playing videos in their top five annoyances online. This should top your not-to-do list as you go ahead with your online media buying. Thank me later for saving on your budgets and boosting your conversions.

Mention: Vine introduced Vine Messages where you can send videos to anyone via email or SMS whether they are on Vine or not.


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