WEBINAR HIGHLIGHTS: What brands can do to stay vibrant during COVID-19

That was the topic for our first webinar.

And the image is the traffic from that webinar. 101 registrants and 56 attendees. Pretty within our expectations.

The genesis

We’ve always wanted to do webinars or podcasts but the right time never came. Because we are always busy chasing the buck. Now with a little extra time in our hands, and with social distancing in place (which means we are now staring at our phones and laptops more) we finally decided to do it. It started with a slack message to the team on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
I got 6 thumbs up from the team (I expected more). A few things also changed from that initial message.

  • Now we are doing the webinars bi-monthly
  • Duration is 1 hour (30 mins of presentation and another 30 minutes of interactions)
  • and we are doing them on Wednesday at 11 am (for now).

The wheels were in motion now

We decided on WebinarJam (WJ) for the software. I know the world is crazy over Zoom but we are rebels. And WJ’s user experience is a little more intuitive.

We then locked down the topic and one of my captains – @Joanne Talma – our Digital Media Lead elected to moderate/co-host.

Next was learning more about the software, practicing and putting together the resources for webinar.

Webinar Day

We were live 2 minutes after 11:00 am and it went pretty smooth for the most part. My Internet was stable and everyone else (two kids and a nanny) were held hostage in a separate room. There was, however, a part where the call dropped and it took 15 minutes to get back (WJ needs to fix that issue). Luckily my co-host/moderator carried on as we had adequately prepared.

The Webinar Highlights

What are the top 5 things you need to do now to keep your brand alive during COVID-19

What’s the role of Paid Search at this time of uncertainty?

Want to watch the entire recording of the webinar? Here you go


We are all in a period of great confusion and uncertainty and there’s not much we can do about that. But we can shift our mentality by doing the small things that can help our brands stay vibrant. For us at Belva Digital, webinars are that thing. For you, it could be setting up email marketing, developing customer personas, writing that HR manual and so forth. Find it and send that slack message to your team 🙂 All the best.

Our webinars are free (at least for now) but you can turn them into money-making machines. You can have people pay to attend and/or offer a product discount during the webinar. Here’s a screenshot I saw from WJ Facebook Group of a guy who’s had much success with that.

PS: See you at our next webinar 🙂


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