Strategy: Social Media Marketing in the Corporate Set-up

A lot of businesses are warming up to social media, quite admirably. This is buoyed by a need to fit in and the numbers on these platforms. Facebook, the most popular network in Kenya, boasts of about 3.8 Million accounts. Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are averaging a million active accounts and there’s a steep appetite for other platforms such as Google+, Instagram and WhatsApp.

There, however, remains a challenge; the lack of a strategy. Corporates are plunging into the social media world without a solid execution plan. This is exemplified in, among other things:

  1. Shoving the workload to interns or untrained employees,
  2. Lacking a risk mitigation plan in a social media policy,
  3. Failing to measure the ROI

It’s with this in mind that Sophia Wanuna at KTN’s Morning Express Show invited me for a chat on how our local institutions can turn this around. What does it take to be a socially devoted company?

You may catch the interview here:


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