Weekly Wrap-up: Twitter Mute and Facebook Football Fans

This week, Twitter gives us a mute feature to clean up our Timelines while Pinterest gives brands a chance to promote their tweets, starting with a few of them to test it out. Did you know that there are half a billion football fans on Facebook? Also, if you are on Instagram and in Nairobi, you can hang out with fellow Instagrammers this weekend in the city! This and more herein:

Twitter Mute

For a while, you have been able to mute certain people on Twitter through third-party clients. Now, you can do it right on Twitter, with the new feature on iPhone, Android and Web. All you have to do is click on more on that user’s tweet and select mute user. On their profile page, the option is available under the gear icon. The mute feature is still rolling out as we speak. Muting means that you will not see the user’s tweets or retweets on your Timeline. They will also not know you have done this. Now you can clean out that Timeline without having a tweef with that overly ambitious tweep. 😉

Pinterest Promoted Pins

In October 2013, Pinterest started testing out Promoted Pins in search results and category feeds. Now, Pinterest is testing out Promoted Pins with a small group of brands “to make sure they’re tasteful, transparent, relevant and improved based on your feedback”.

As stated on its blog, tens of millions of people have added more than 30 billion Pins to Pinterest. From my experience, Promoted Pins are normally quite in line with your search on the network and are not at all intrusive or deceptive. They are clearly marked promoted at the bottom.

Facebook Football Fans

Facebook just released the numbers on football fans on the network. Apparently, out of the 1.2 billion people on Facebook, 500 million are football fans, with 13.2m in the UK alone. Interesting, huh? But totally expected. Football is that one game that unites the world in a beautiful way. As we all await the World Cup in Brazil with bated breath, Facebook is giving marketers advice to this end. “The best way to reach these fans is to be where they are during the game – on Facebook, the biggest stadium in the world.” it suggests. And it is right. During match time, a lot of fans are on Facebook commenting, liking and sharing their sentiments. Target your promotions right during this season.

Heads Up!

Do you have a plot for this weekend? If not, you can join fellow Instagrammers this Sunday May 18 at the GoDown Arts Centre for the Worldwide InstaMeet 9 (#WWIM9)! You will meet Instagrammers in Nairobi and share this experience with others across the globe. The event is organized by @safaricomltd and @igkenya and tagged #WWIM9_Nairobi. Sounds like a plan?

Remember Swarm, the app from Foursquare that we talked about last week? Swarm is available for download now. Check it out!

Fred Kithinzi

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