Why Your Business Needs a Website

Now more than ever people are going online to search for products and services. For a majority consumers, the buying cycle starts with an online search. Discover how creating a website for your business can attract prospects and retain your existing customers.


According to CCK data, 41% of Kenya’s population, that’s relatively more than 16 million, are online. This number is steadily growing and presents an opportunity for any business to target this group of people. More important questions to ask yourself is, are my customers online? What types of devices do they use to access the Internet? What is their demographics? 

A website allows your customers and prospects to;

  • Find your store location and hours of operation,
  • Discover your products and services,
  • Learn about any offers and promotions you may have,
  • Ascertain your contact information in case they want to call, text and/or email you and finally,
  • Read other customers’ testimonials.

That said, what does it take to create a website for my business?


There are billion of websites out there and millions being churned out everyday, so what would make yours stand out? Three things you should take into consideration:


This is what a majority of the website developers refer to as Content Management System, often referred to as CMS. It presents the framework/foundation on which your website is built on. A good choice of a framework determines the website’s look and feel and essentially, reduce the long term maintenance cost as they are relatively easy to update.


The technology upon which the website is built is very crucial. Robust technology will deliver you a solid yet flexible website that meet your various business needs.


A website is ideally an integrated digital asset. It is where your  Social Media activity stems from, your SEO efforts are consolidated from and your content marketing initiatives are unified.


Look at your website as your online reflection of your brick and mortar store. Impression is just as important in the online space, and you don’t want to create a crappy website and so be seen as if operating from a kanju rented shanty in a city roundabout. Your website is a reflection of your identity and an expression of the personalities of your customers.


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