5 Benefits of Digital Marketing

With the advent of the Internet, many companies are leveraging on digital marketing to promote and market their products and services. Since the Internet allows us to communicate instantaneously, launching a digital marketing campaign can take place more quickly and less costly compared to running a traditional marketing campaign. The wonderful thing about digital marketing is that it’s immediate and measurable, thus you can monitor the performance, gather feedback from consumers, and continuously reiterate to improve.

So why should a company invest resources in building a firm presence online?

1. Reduced costs

Your business can execute a digital marketing strategy at a significantly lower costs for substantial impact. And as every business explores cost effective measures, this can potentially replace costly advertising channels such as television, radio and outdoor. But as I said earlier, digital marketing doesn’t and shouldn’t replace traditional marketing, it essentially adds bone to the meat. Integrating both medias can result in very effective marketing campaigns.

2. Easily Measurable

Unlike traditional methods, with digital marketing campaigns, you can see in real time what is or is not working for your business and subsequently you can adapt just as quick to improve your results. Whether running an email marketing campaign or social media activation, there are assortment of online tools to help you monitor and measure success of the respective campaigns. This effectively translates to better ROI.

3. Increased Customer Loyalty

Online channels offer an almost instantaneous two-way mode of communication. With social media platforms the business is able to listen and effectively participate in consumer conversations, gather products and services feedback and holistically convey the brand message. The ability for digital technologies to touch a customer on an emotional level far exceeds that of traditional media. Establishing such connections is critical to customer retention and loyalty.

4. More Brand Visibility and Awareness

They say fish where the fishes are! In Kenya alone, almost 20 million of the population are said to be online, using Internet services mainly social media and email, this is according to CCK. Radio on the other hand commands about 10 million, TV 5 million and Print just over 2 million. As a brand marketer, utilizing the right channel will enable you to reach far and wide.

5. Increased Sales Conversion

Consumers who used to seek out family and friends for word-of-mouth product recommendations now read online reviews, compare features and prices on sites, and discuss options via social-media sites. From a decent website that is designed to convert, Search Engine Optimization, Online Media buying, Content Marketing to Social Media Marketing and everything in between, as a business, you need to be there in every stage of the consumer’s buying cycle. Such strategies have significantly resulted increased sales conversions and subsequently, revenue generation.


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